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ISO 9001-2000



Chemical Resistant Epoxy Resin Mortar

Aronel is a chemical Setting Epoxy Resin base Chemical Resistant Mortar, Aronel sets hard and bonds tenaciously to concrete and metals. It also exhibits superior to Ceramic and Glass surfaces.

Aronel, when completely set, is resistant to all non-oxidizing acids, low concentrations of oxidizing acids, all alkalines, salts oils, greases and some solvents at temperature 90 C to 100 C. It is not recommended for use with concentrated oxidizing acids and agents, Ketons and other organics such as Chlorofom.
Application :
Aronel Mortar is prepared by combining Aronel Liquid with Aronel Hardener and then after mixing with Aronel powder to form a workable mix.


General Direction for preparation of Mortar :
  • Stir always liquid Solution before using. Place 100 parts quantity of liquid solution in to a suitable mixing pan.
  • Combine 50 parts Hardener to get proper blend.
  • Mix 400 to 500 parts of Aronel powder slowly and gradually with constant trowelling to form a smooth mortar.
  • Spread out Mortar in a thin layer not more than 1” thick to dissipate the heat of reaction in order to lengthen the working life.
  • In hot season very large batches of Mortar will become stiff quite rapidly therefore small batches not exceeding 5 to 8 Kgs. Will be prepared.
  • The Mortar will be used before it starts setting. The stiff mortar neither will be used nor attempted to make the mix usable by incorporation more liquid solution.
Precautions :
  • Under any circumstances the liquid syrup will not be added to powder.
  • The mixing pan should be absolutely dry.
  • Not a single drop of water or chemical or its solution should come in contact before Mortar Sets.
  • Make sure that all the Mortar has been removed from the pan before another batch is prepared.
  • The mortar should be allowed to set atleast for seven days before it is put into service.
  • Aronel Mortar shall be prepared under the shade. If mortar is prepared in the sun rays generally in summer, it will set immediately.
Use of Aronel Mortar :
Aronel Mortar is widely used for laying Chemical Resistant Bricks / Tiles lining. It is also successfully used for jointing Chemical Resistant Stone ware pipes line. When Aronel Mortar is used for bedding of the Brick or Tile, the Brick or tile can be laid on primed surface composed of 100 parts Resin syrup and 50 parts Hardener.

The Major use of Aronel Mortar is for pointing to Acid / Alkali Resistant Red Mandana stone joints.

Aronel is also considered as pointing material to the joints of Bricks or tiles.
Cleaning of Equipment :
  Hand and equipment should be cleaned before Aronel Mortar begins to set. Soap and water is used for cleaning purpose.
Cautions :
If any irritation to the hand is felt, it is advisable to wear rubber or plastic gloves when mixing or applying Aronel Mortar. While working with Aronel Mortar ventilation or exhaust fans are essential.

Storage Life :

If all the three components are stored in cool and dry place until ready to use in original unopened containers Aronel can be stored indefinitely.

Typical Physical properties of Aronel Mortar when completely set :

Appearance : Dull white
Density : 1.8 to 2 grms / cc
Compressive strength : More than 500 Kgs. Sq. cm.
Flexural Strength : More than 150 Kgs / Sq. cm
Water Absorption : Less than 1 %
Bond Strength : More than 12 kgs Sq. cm
Working time at temp 25 °C to 29 °C : More than 20 minutes
Initial setting time at 25 °C to 29 °C : 4 to 5 Hours.