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ISO 9001-2000


Bitumen Bitrok mastic

Bitrok is acid and alkali resisting mastic for use as a protective impervious layer for concrete, brick work, steel etc.

Bitrok mastic have good resistance to large number of mildly corrosive conditions.

The floor system in most factories comprises a structural load carrying floor. Usually with a screed and with a wearing finish. The structural floor and screed together with , for convenience as called a sub-floor and are assumed to be construct from normal or rapid hardening Portland cement.

Portland cement and therefore concrete made from it are attacked by acids and chemicals. The risk of corrosion of steal reinforcement must also be considered. If acids salts or chemical can reach the steel it will inevitably corroded. It should be particularly noted that solutions of common salt, which do not attack concrete, may reach steel reinforcement and produce corrosion and as such liquid-tight protection is therefore required.

Bitrok Mastic is an invaluable material for use as a preventive coating for concrete, brick work, wood, iron etc. where corrosion has to be considered. Its adhesion to concrete surface is excellent. It is applied over rough concrete surface previously primed with Bitrok Primer . For wear and tear as a floor cover, we recommend 10 to 15 mm thick layer.

Concrete surface must be cleaned and rough. No primer should be applied over smooth, polished and wet surface. After cleaning the concrete surface one coat of Bitrok Primer shall be applied with brush and allowed to dry thoroughly. The drying time will depend upon the temperature.

Bitrok Mastic shall be broken into small pieces and put into heating vessel then heated. The surface on which it is to be applied should be primed with Bitrok Primer. It is applied with trowel or straight edged piece of wood. The surface shall be put under service after 24 hours of application of Mastic. Bitrok mastic is not suitable where there is excessive heat or solvents, mineral oils and greases are anticipated.

Bitrok Primer contains volatile and slightly toxic solvent, keep away from spark and open flames at working area.
Physical Properties of Bitumen Bitrok Mastic
Tex-Sell Test Result
As per I.S. 9510 - 1980
2.0 gm / c.c.
Hardness Numbe at 35° C
8 to 12
Softening temperature
65°C to 90°C
65°C to 90°C
Acid Resistance (Dilute acids and Alkaline solution)
Approximate 20 kg Blocks