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ISO 9001-2000

As per IS 158 - 1968
Bitrok Primer is a protective coating against corrosive effect of chemicals on concrete and M.S. Surface. Bitrok Primer is recommanded under layer of Bitumen Bitrok Mastic as a impermiable coating on concrete surface.

Bitrok Primer can be applied by brush or spray and dried within 4 to 6 hours at ambiant temperature. Bitrok Primer can be used as primer coat on concrete surface. Before application of layer of Mastic for Acid Resistant Brick Construction.
After the concrete surfae is inspected and found to be free from cracks, dirts, oils, grease, other Foreign matters and defects of any kind Bitrok Primer is applied on concrete confirmed as above by brush or spray. It is allowed to dry until essential track free, which is usually 4 hrs at ambiant temperature. The drying time is depended upon the temperature if climate is cold; more than 4 hrs will be required.
Bitrok Primer is flamable and harmful if swalloed or inhaled. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Use only with adequate ventilation, use goggles, gloves and vapour masks when applying upon contact with skin and eyes with water ad contact Physician
Physical properties of Bitrok Primer
As per I.S. - 158
Density 0.8 gm/c.c  
Drying Time 4 to 6 hrs Not more than 8 hrs
Finishing Smooth and glossy Smooth and glossy
Protection against corrosive solutions No sign of corrosion No sign of corrosion
- ------ life More than 12 months More than 12 months