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ISO 9001-2000


Sulphur Type Chemical Resistant Mortar

Erolex is Sulphur based mortar containing plasticizer and inert fillers. The molten mortar is extremely fluid and pours quite easily without lumps.

Erolex Sulphur Cement has a very good acids, Alkalics ( minate condition) and water resisting properties. It is mainly used as a joint for Brick lining, drainage channels and tank lining. Where bricks are bedded in other cement.

Erolex Sulphur Cement is extensively used in Industries mainly jointing of Acid Proof Brick / Tiles in lining of Pickling Tanks, Storage tanks, Samps, Drainage Line, Floor and Sewerage line pipe joints.

Erolex ingots are broken and are placed in a suitable clean, dry Kettle. It is melted over low heat by stirring with metal rod or ladle. If Erolex is overheated or ignited a tight cover or wet gunny bags shall be kept ready for use in case of fire. Sulphur mortar burns with a low blue flame. If this should happen heating should be stopped and the vessel should be covered with the lid or wet gunny bags until the fire is extinguished. If the mortar thickens on overheating , it should be allowed to cool and stirred until thin. Care shall be taken that water or damp Mortar do not fall or mixed in the heating vessel so as to avoid foaming.

Application :

The surface shall be laid first with interliner. Over dry coat of interliner the chemical resistant bricks or tiles be placed on spacer chips. Molten Erolex mortar shall be poured through joints of bricks or tiles. In case of vertical surface joints of bricks or tiles are covered by applying the paper with adhesive Erolex mortar is poured between the wall surface and the tile or brick.


Chemical Resistance of Erolex Mortar :

Erolex is resistant to oxidizing acids, non – oxidizing acids. The carbon filled Erolex has good resistance to hydrofluoric acid or fluoride salts.
Table indicating chemical Resistance of Erolex mortar :


Chromic Acid


Hydrochloric Acid

- R

Sulphuric Acid (70%)

- R

Sulphuric Acid (above 70%)

- L

Nitric Acid 40 %

- R

Nitric Acid (Above 50 % )

- L

Hydrofluoric Acid

- R SPL Grade

Sodium Hydroxide (1%)


Sodium Carbonate

- R

Salt Solutions (acidic)

- R

Salt solution (Alkaline)

- L



Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

- L


- L


- L

Chlorinated hydrocarbons,

- L

Fats and oils

- L

Sodium Hydroxide more than 1%

* R = Recommended
* L = Limited use
* N.R.= Not Recommended
Package size :

Erolex ingots packed in 50 kgs gunny bags.

Storage life :

Store Erolex in dry place until ready for use. It can be stored for years without deterioration.

Physical properties of Erolex Sulphur Cement
Pourability - Good
Compressive Strength Kgs / Cm2 - 250
Flexual Strength Kgs / Cm2 - 70
Bond Strength Kgs / Cm2 - 10
Water absorption - Less than 1%
Maximum source temperature - 90°C