F Furan Acron Mortar
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ISO 9001-2000

Acron is chemical setting Furan based chemical resistant mortar which is combination of Liquid and Powder, when mixed in proper proprotion from workable mortar which after setting and curing give of liquid and give black highly cross linked composites.

Acron when set and cured is resistant to highly corrosive acids, alkalies and to powerful organic solvents such as ketones, Aromatic and Chlorinated solvents. It has extreme resistant to Acidic & alkalies, Salts, Greases and Detergents. It resists to Organic & Inorganic acids at their boiling temperature. It is suitable against mild chlorine Gas (dry) phosphorous trichloride, pyredine at room temperature.

Acron is especially useful where resistance to mixed media such as aqueous acids /alkalies and organic solvents is needed in chemical plant process and waste streams. Carbon filled Acron is used against corrosive effect of hydrofluoric acid & its salts.

Acron mortar is attacked however by strong oxidizing media such as Nitric acid, Peroxides or Hypochlorites. It is not resistant to Aniline, Aqua-resia, Bromine water chlorinedioxide water solution, Chlorine water or Chlorine Gas Wet, Chromic acid, Hydrobromic acid, Perchloric acid, Picric acid and Sulphur trioxide wet.

Acron Furan Mortar prepared and curred for 7 days shall satisfy the requirements of I.S. 4832 Part- II. Physical properties of Acron Furan Mortar are as under :

I.S. Requirement
Tex - Sell Test Result
Working time min at 27°C + 2 °C
20 mins
35 mins

Compressive strength More than

350 Kgs / cm2
500 Kgs / cm2

Flexual strength more than

75 Kgs / cm2
110 Kgs / cm2

Absorption less than

1% by weight
1% by weight

Bond strength more than
(when mortar is used for bonding ceramic unglazed Vitreous A.R. Tiles 200 mm x 100 mm having the depth of groves on the underside 3 mm)

10 Kgs/ cm2
10 Kgs/ cm2


1.5 to 1.7
1.7 gm / c.c.




Acron consist of Acron solution and Acron powder. The average mixing ratio necessary to obtain mortar with good working consistency is I part by weight Acron Solution & 3 part by weight Acron powder.

The ratio will vary slightly depending on temperature and working conditions.

Stir the Acron liquid thoroughly before using. Place liquid in a suitable shallow mixin pan. Add Acron powder by weight in the solution mix thoroughly and rapidly until all lumps are dispersed and the mortar is completely homogenous.

Spread out the mortar in a thin layer, not more than ¾” thick, to dissiplate the heat of reaction and lengthen the working life.

Batch size can be varied depending upon the temperature and the speed with which the masons are working. Very large batches will become stiff quite rapidly.

Make sure that all the pan before another batch is used from the pan before another batch is mixed.

When working at temperature above 40°C, very small batches not more than 2 Kgs, should be prepared.

When working at temperature below 15°C the liquid should be kept warm.
Acron is used extensively for setting beds for Acid resistant bricks/tiles lining for Chemical Vessels / Tanks exposed to highly corrosive media, especially concentrated acids/ alkalies, solvents & oils etc. It is successfully used for repair of Glass lined equipment reactors. It is also used for laying Acid proof Bricks / Tiles on RCC/Concrete Floor. Foundations, drain when protection against Hydrofloric acid, Flouride salts or hot concentrated alkalies is needed carbon filled powder shall be used for laying Carbon bricks.

It is very good mortar for pointing the acid proof Bricks/ Tiles / Madana stone which are bedded with Silicate type mortar. Acron is used for jointing chemical resistant ceramic pipes.

One more application of Acron mortar is as a premium corrosion resistant binder for fibre- glass required to lay as interliner replacing other type of interliner such as Bitumen Mastic, Rubber which are not suitable against corrosive chemicals containing oils and solvents.

Hands and tools should be cleaned before Acron mortar begins to set.



Acron is available in the following containers.

25 Kg packed in bag   25 Kgs. Drum


Store Acron liquid and powder at low temperature in the original unopened containers until ready for use. Acron supplied in hot season shall be low setting if used in cold season and vice versa.

The information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general guide line. Prior to use our product, it shall be required to get our confirmation for guaranteed work.