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ISO 9001-2000



Jeroplast Polyester Resin based Mortar is the chemical setting compound. It is resistant to chlorine dioxide and Sodium hypochlorite bleach solutions. It is also resistant to dilute oxidizing acids, non oxidizing acids and some solvents at temperatures upto 110 C. Jeroplast is used to join acid proof tile in the construction of Chlorine mixers, low density chlorinstors, seal boxes, washers, chlorine dioxide mixers and bleach towers in the Pulp and Paper industry.

In addition to its unique chemical resistance Jeroplast will set hard in contact with concrete and metals.
Chemical Resistance.

Jeroplast when completely sets is resistant to all nonoxidising acids, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, dilute solutions of nitric and cromic acids, other oxidizing agents, acidic and neutral salts, some organic solvents and weak alkalies. It is not recommended for use with concentrated nitric or chromic acids, hydrofluoric acid, fluoride salts, strong alkalies, ketons or esters.


Physical Properties :
Density : 2 grm/cc
Compressive strength more than 1000 kgs/ sq. cm
Flexural strength more than 400 kgs /sq cm
Bond strength more than 15 Ks. / Sq cm.
Water absorption less than 0.5 %
Working time at 27 °C 25 minutes
Preparation of Jeroplast Mortar :
  Jeroplast mortar is prepared by combining the following components :

Polyester Resin Liquid 100 parts 100 parts  

Hardener – A

2 parts  
Hardener – B 2 parts  


400 Parts  
The above ratio will vary slightly depending on temperature and working conditions.

Jeroplast is a chemical setting resin mortar and requires an accumulating heat of reaction for proper setting and curing. The temperature at time of use shall be between 15 C to 30 C when Jeroplast used below 15 C the setting time of mortar shall be increased and when it is used above 30 c the setting time will be short. So it is advisable to prepare very small batches of mortar, while working above 30 C under the circumstance if working life mortar is too short the mixing pan should be placed in cold water if necessary, the liquid resin may also be placed in cold water bath before being used.
Application of Jeroplast Mortar :
Jeroplast is buttered on acid-proof brick using the usual bricklayer’s method. Brick/Tiles should be clean and dry and at moderate temperature before being laid. In addition, when the temperature is below 15 C, portable heaters should be used to bring the temperature upto the minimum.


Cleaning of Equipment :


Hands and equipment should be cleaned before Jeroplast mortar begins to set. Mineral terpentine can be used for this purpose.


Package Size :


Jeroplast is available in the following containers.

Jeroplast liquid Resin

– 25 Kgs M.S. Drum

Jeroplast Hardener –A

– 500 gm Plastic bottle.

Jeroplast Hardener – B

– 500 gm Plastic bottle

Jeroplast Powder

– 50 Kgs. Bag.

Storage Life :

Store Phenon Liquid Resin at low temperature in the original unopened containers until ready for use. Under this condition liquid resin has storage life of 3 to 4 months.

Store Phenon Powder in a cool, dry place. In the original, unopened containers the powder has storage life of 3 years.